7102 Village Parkway Dublin, California • (925) 829-0700 • info.tywestma@gmail.com
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

7102 Village Parkway Dublin, California • (925) 829-0700

What style of martial arts do you teach?
We teach Bok Fu Kenpo, Kosho Ryu Kenpo, we combined the kicks of Tai Kwan do, and use the several entrances and applications from Silat.  We also teach fitness classes such as Kardio Kickboxing, Insanity and Tai Chi.

How do I get started?
Take a free trial of any class and have four introductory private lessons for $85.  We teach students from 4-years old and up.

Why study with Ty West Martial Arts?
We provide an excellent study in diversified marital arts that blends self defense, positioning, timing , skill, and overall health and wellness.  In addition we also team up with some of the most renowned specialist in marital arts for regular seminars hosted by our school through Bernard Langdan, Sam Chin, Luo De Xio, and specialist Kosho Ru Lineage, and Heads of the Silat systems such as Bernie and Horatio Rodriguez.

Do I need to be in shape to join or start?
Nope, we have plenty of people who have started from the beginning and are now in awesome shape with a healthy well-being.

What benefits will I (or my child) receive from martial arts?
Better health, confidence, discipline, self-defense skills, positive outlook and environment to grow in.

Do you have a schedule that fits working adults?
Yes, we teach all the way to 9:30pm in the evening.